Hi. I am Natalja. Mother of 3 beautiful girls and one big boy, ex-chef and low carb fan.

I started low carb lifestyle in 2006 and since then had my highs and lows but always back to it.

I made so many mistakes back then, but I learn a lot since. It’s just feels right.

I love cooking, create and try new recipes.

I was struggling with my weight as long as I can remember. I tried probably every diet possible but after a while everything back to the way it was or even worse.

But one day family friend introduced me to low carb diet. It didn’t sound right to me. I couldn’t believe it will work. It was against all diets I ever been on. But I saw progress she made and decided to give it a try. And It worked! Probably best decision in my life. I lost about 35 kg over a year and never been hungry.

I had a big success with my weight loss and improving my health, but I am also made a lot of mistakes along the way.

I gained a lots of expertise in this field and I feel that I can help people who just starting their low carb journey. I can help you with advice and direction and most important to avoid all this mistakes I made in the past.